Hippo Chow Down

Approx Size30' Diameter x 8'H AgeAges: 7 & up Pricing Mon. - Thurs.$425.00 (Up to 5 hours) Fri. - Sun. (and Holidays) $475.00 (Up to 5 hours) Additional Hours $20.00/hour
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Hippo Chow Down

Get ready…get set… time to chow down you hungry hippos! This is our newest interactive game guaranteed to keep your guests laughing and playing for hours. In a 4-player bungee tug of war style game, the players must race to the ball pond in the center and retrieve as many balls as possible before returning them to a bag at the starting wall. Player with the most collected balls in the bag wins!
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Hippo Chow Down, grab as many ball as fast as you can

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