H2O Obstacle Course

Approx Size35'L x 11'W x 13'H AgeAges 5 & Up Pricing Mon. - Thurs.$625.00 (Up to 5 hours) Fri. - Sun. (and Holidays) $695.00 (Up to 5 hours) Additional Hours $35.00/hour
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H2O Obstacle Course

Our H2O Obstacle Course is a super fun and very unique inflatable attraction combining an obstacle course with a water slide! Two players can enter and race through, over, and around several obstacles and pop ups before climbing up to the top of the 15′ slide. At the top of the slide a water mister sprays the riders as they slide down into the splash zone. Riders get to cool down and compete against one another in a fun and safe inflatable ride. Made with a slip-proof vinyl flooring material, so you won’t have to worry about slips, trips or falls. Works equally well as a totaly dry obstacle course for those events where water is not desired or on days when weather conditions may not be appropriate.

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