Strike A Light

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Strike A Light

Who’s got the fastest hands in your group?  Hold a tournament and our electronic Strike A Light reaction game will find out!

Strike A Light is one of the most high enery and addictive games we have ever played, people just want to play and play!  This high-paced 2 player game caters to everyone.  Perfect for all events, including Corporate events, School and Church functions, Christmas Parties, Evening Events, Black Tie Dinners, Birthday Parties and Promotional events.  Not only is Strike a Light a great fun to play, but it’s also a very entertaining game to watch, and it will appeal to all ….  Parents, kids, young or old, male or female … Everyone will want to play! 

This reaction game will give your guests a superb adrenaline rush while having loads of fun... striking as many lit buttons as you can in 30 seconds.  Speed is important …. but so is accuracy.  Strike a light and get a point, but strike an unlit light and you lose a point.

As the game plays, the LED display will show both scores and adds to the competition throughout the game.

Our Strike a Light is a simple game with endless fun!   

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